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  1. Electoencephalographic (EEG) Video Monitoring- 32 channel Video EEG

    EEG video monitoring is the simultaneous documentation of the Clinical & EEG manifestations of the seizures. The average length of monitoring varies from few hours to 1-3 days. The procedure is useful in the accurate diagnosis of epilepsy, type of epilepsy & most importantly in selecting the most appropriate drug to control the seizures

  2. Computerised 32 Channel EEG

  3. Computerised 4 channel EMG, EP

    Electomyography (EMG), Nerve conduction studies and Evoked Potentials
    (VEP, BAER & SSEP )

    1. EMG & Nerve conductions : useful in assessing various diseases affecting the nerve and muscles like neuropathies & myopathies

    2. VEP : Visual evoked potentials helps in assessing the function of optic nerve and pathway inside the brain

    3. BAER : Brainstem auditory evoked potentials helps in assessing the auditory pathway & evaluation of patients with hearing loss & giddiness



Psychological Assessments:

  • IQ [Intelligence] assessment
  • Neurological Assessment [Lobe functions, overall brain functioning]
  • Learning Disabilities [Reading, writing, spelling, mathematical difficulties]
  • Educational Assessment [Study skills]
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Mental Retardation, Slow Learners
  • Autism
  • Aptitude and Career planning

Psychological Therapies:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Play therapy
  • Counseling and Guidance
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Educational guidance, Study skills
  • Family Therapy

Psychological Assessment and Therapy

Psychological assessments are conducted to assess the child’s neuropsychological functioning and abilities. An IQ [Intelligence Quotient] test is an indicator of the child’s mental age in relation his physical age, as measured by standardized psychological tests. Neuropsychological test which measure lobe functions can be used as an important adjunct to physiological and medical measures. Tests of Personality, Anxiety, Adjustment, Scholastic Aptitude, Learning Disability, etc. can be used to obtain an understanding of the individual, as well as serve as a guide for therapy.

Psychological Therapy includes Psychotherapy, Play Therapy, Behaviour therapy and Individual and Parental Counseling which is done following the assessment. Remedial Psychologists and Special Educators address problems of slow learners and children with learning disabilities.



The Clinical Laboratory is equipped with auto analyzer and able to perform most of the biochemical investigations related to neurological disorders.

The entire laboratory procedures are supervised by a qualified biochemist.


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